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Video Surveillance Systems

Serving Both locations

We have two warehouse locations totaling 150k square feet, our general warehouse, which offers a wide variety of services for our customers requiring non-bonded freight, located at 8820 Bellanca Ave, which is within one mile of LAX. Our other primary CFS location, which handles our customers' US Customs Bonded Freight, located in Redondo Beach, CA, less than four miles from LAX. Combined, over 75 million kilos of air freight pass through these locations annually. Our customer base includes numerous small to mid-size freight forwarding companies, however, we are also capable, and do perform CFS air freight services for some of the largest, dominant freight forwarders in the world, such as; expeditors, FedEx FTN, UPS Supply Chain Solutions, DHL Global Forwarding, Damco, JAS and SDV.

DSD understands the value of having a state of the art video surveillance system, therefore, all of our locations utilize the newest available technology in our CCTV systems, which is visible from any remote location we choose to access our personnel, go back and clarify any previous issues that may have surfaced. We have designated personnel that oversee our video surveillance systems. DSD exemplifies its company mantra, provide our customers with the most cost-effective and exemplary levels of customer service in this industry. With DSD having one of the highest employee tenure rates in the industry, with the average tenure of each DSD employee, person at DSD being here a minimum of 10 years.

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