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Video Surveillance Systems

Serving Both locations

Our CFS warehouse totals 67,500 SFT, including 16 dock doors, one ground-level door, and three industry weight scales. We provide services such as segregation, palletizing, breaking down, building PMCs, labeling, banding, and providing pictures when required. In addition, we have a designated location for specialized freight that is gated and secure for high-value shipments.

DSD understands the value of having a state-of-the-art video surveillance system. Therefore, our location utilizes the newest technology in our CCTV systems, which is visible from any remote location we choose to access our personnel; go back and clarify any previous issues that may have surfaced. We have designated personnel that oversees our video surveillance systems. DSD exemplifies its company mantra, providing our customers with the most cost-effective and exemplary levels of customer service in this industry.

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