intermodal shipping

Ocean Freight & Intermodal Services

DSD has 25 power units dedicated to the ocean container drayage operation. On a daily basis, we move ocean container ships of all sizes, including 20, 40, and 45 feet intermodal containers, having a company owned tri-axle chassis, DSD is able to handle extra heavy loads. We recover intermodal containers from both, the Port of Los Angeles and the Port of Long Beach, offering services throughout the day and evening utilizing our night-gate services, (where & when available). We deliver containers throughout Southern CA, including daily services to San Diego, and if requested, we will provides services to Northern CA.

All DSD drivers are in full DOT compliance, and follow all rules and regulations of the TSA & DOT. All DSD drivers are fully-licensed to enter the ports and all have a TWIC card, with many additionally having the Haz-Mat endorsements. To learn more about DSD's compliance, click here.

We also offer, and perform trans-loading services for any customer requesting this unique service offering, especially for our mid-west based customers. This entails us to recover full containers from either the Port of Los Angeles or the Port of Long Beach, bring them to either DSD location, unload (de-van) the container and then reload into the customer's trailer. We are able to off-load floor loaded trailers and trans-load them on the floor as well, or we are able to unload a floor loaded trailer, and if requested sort, segregate and palletize. We are here for our customers, whatever they may need. We also offer the SEA-AIR services program, which involves; instead of trans-loading into trailers, the freight is transferred to the airlines, for services bound for the East Coast, Latin America, or Europe.

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