Our Mission

DSD Trucking requires a specific set of industry-related certifications in order to effectively handle our customer’s worldwide freight and transportation needs. Creating an unbroken allegiance of trust, honesty and integrity in our ability to effectively provide flexible yet cost competitive rates, coupled with exemplary levels of customer service, is what sets DSD apart.

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Our History

DSD Trucking was formally incorporated on March 3, 1986 in the state of California. The initial business model was primarily modeled on providing services for the ever-increasing demands of a wide variety of transportation services required to support the highly-specialized garment industry, located in the Fashion District in downtown Los Angeles, where it continues to thrive today. As the need for additional trucking services grew, so did DSD. It expanded its presence in the pick-up and delivery services throughout the greater Los Angeles areas.

In November of 1996, recognizing the need for an additional services near the LAX airport, DSD further expanded its presence into the highly-regulated, US Customs Bonded Warehousing Industry. This new venture, created what is today called DSD CFS (Container Freight Station). With this expansion, DSD entered into the ever-expanding community of the global trade industry, and the growing air freight industry. This expansion allowed DSD the opportunity to maximize its presence in the import traffic that was experiencing astronomical growth between the United Sates and the Far East. As the customer base grew, it became more diversified, as did the freight from around the world. It wasn’t long before, DSD was handling freight from all around the globe.

By the year 2000, DSD CFS (Container Freight Station) became the largest break-bulk operation within the LAX Airport area, handling approximately 100 million pounds (50 Million Kg) of air freight annually. With the continued expansion of all import/export traffic, DSD also extended into ocean freight. Thereby, creating a natural expansion for DSD, to add an intermodal division in which to continue to support it’s ever-increasing customer base.

In August of 2010, a congressional amendment was passed by the United States Congress, known as the 911 Act, which requires that all cargo being shipped on a passenger aircraft, be screened for explosives of any kind. DSD’s dedication to providing its customers with a full suite of necessary global services, became one of first container freight stations to offer a fully-staffed and functional CCSF (Certified Cargo Screening Facility), offering a full array of screening services, from an already built pallet to large oversized crates. DSD’s CCSF can handle all your needs. DSD provides global reach with a local touch.

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To create an enduring, people-centered partnership, founded on basis of trust and respect, which has been earned through cultivating a consistent delivery of superior services, to a worldwide base of customers, creating global reach with a local touch.

Minority Owned Business

Certification is a review process designed to ensure that a small business is actually owned, controlled, and operated by the applicants. Most certifications are granted for minority or women-owned businesses, small disadvantaged businesses, and underutilized businesses. Certification agencies implement the processes for government and private sector entities and ensure that only firms that meet the eligibility criteria of the individual programs are properly certified.

Since DSD’s formal incorporation in March of 1986, it started out as a minority-based organization, and has operated as a Minority Owned Business. It has maintained its membership in the Southern California Minority Supplier Development Council, and is a fully certified, bona fide, Minority Business Enterprise. While DSD is proud to continue its position as a Hispanic, Minority Based Organization, it has also take great pride in continuing to provide equal opportunities for its multi-cultural and diverse workforce. DSD remains committed in focusing on creating opportunities for personal growth and development for its entire workforce, with its primary focus on being a meritocracy-based organization.

With DSD’s continued expansion, we will continue to provide a safe and conducive work environment, which promotes continued opportunity for personal growth development and upward-mobility opportunities as they become available.

SCMSD Certification
DSD has met the requirements for certification as a Minority Owned Business Enterprise


In keeping with our ongoing commitment to the industry and in keeping up with the requirements associated with the Global Logistics Industry, we have recently added a CAL OSHA Certified Trainer to our staff, Luis Rodriguez, our Human Resource and Compliance Manager. DSD has, and will continue to, make safety its first priority. DSD continues to strive to create a safe and conducive atmosphere for all our employees, while remaining cognizant of what it takes to remain in compliance in this highly-regulated industry of global logistics.

OSHA Certification
501 Trainer Course in Occupational Safety & Health Standards
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DSD Companies remains fully-committed in focusing on a consistent approach to working in a progressive manner to making a social and environmental impact in maintaining their focus in becoming a progressively sustainable company. Through DSD's consistent focus in corporate responsibility, we remain focused on maintaining a socially responsive effort in reducing our overall need to consume products, which require the usage of our world’s natural resources.

DSD continues to simultaneously work to improve the environmental, social and economic aspects of the world in which we live and work, while continuing to support new and innovative ways to perpetuate environmentally conscious behavior as we continue to move towards the future evolution of continued sustainability.