hot shot delivery los angeles

Hot Shot Service

In continually focusing on the needs of our customers, DSD has discovered a new service that is continually growing, and we (DSD) will continue to stay in close contact with our customers. A big part of customer relations and providing our customers with every available type of service they require. Over the last couple of years we have seen the request for a new type of service becomes a necessity, that being, a Hot Shot Service. This service fulfills the need for overnight, critical service for anywhere within a 600 mile radius from either one of our current locations.

DSD is investing in a new raised-roof cargo van, which will assure, overnight service to Northern & Southern, CA; Reno & Las Vegas, NV; Phoenix, AZ; to name a few areas. This valuable service will be available to our customers in the very near future and it will provide them with yet another type of service that is increasing in the global logistic’s JIT (Just In Time) service, which is becoming more and more prevalent.